How Minwax Gel Stain will transform your furniture!

Let me tell you about a product that has for sure transformed and broadened my options when redoing furniture and it’s called Minwax Gel Stain. 

I came across this product in Spring of 2021 when Justin and I snatched a cheap table and chairs from a Facebook Marketplace deal. I of course really like to typically sand down the top of a kitchen table and stain it with Minwax Stain, but this table had already been painted. And I mean fully painted. The previous owners had painted it off white and it clearly needed some good TLC. 

This project honestly happened without a plan other than the fact I knew I wanted it to be more of a Farmhouse White look. My style doesn’t reflect Farmhouse as much as it did two years ago but I knew I wanted to sell this piece. Where we live, Farmhouse is still very popular and sells quickly. 

I spread out the table and chairs and used my paint sprayer on this because it is so fast and gives such a flawless look (no brush strokes). I am for sure in my element when I have my paint sprayer going! Quick tip: If you do get a paint sprayer, never skip the step of cleaning it out thoroughly when you finish. 

So once I finished painting the table, I was still very stumped regarding what to do with the table top because I didn’t want to leave it white. I thought about trying to sand the top of the table but I remember how I really hated sanding for a long time. Then I thought about using a paint stripper but I really didn’t think it was worth the time and effort. That’s when I started googling for ideas and came across Minwax Gel Stain in Aged Oak! If you read the label, you will find out that Gel Stain can be applied to non-wood surfaces, including metal, veneer and fiberglass, to give them a beautiful wood appearance. And that is what makes it SO GOOD. 

I had never heard about this before but once I read about it and how many great reviews it had, I jumped in the car and went to Lowes’ and it has been the best $16.98 I ever spent. Hands down. 

When I got it home, I was a little nervous about it but I grabbed a 2in paint brush and lightly dipped it in the can. Just to put it in perspective, it truly is a gel and has a glumpy (?) like texture, it is not a normal stain. So I started lightly brushing it on the table top, going with the wood grain of course. I do recommend starting in small sections, and get a feel of the brush with the gel first but then you’re set!  

Once you get it all painted, I would recommend letting it dry and cure for at least 24 hours before you touch it. 

Here is the finished product! I have also used it on tables, doors and different decor items. The possibilities are endless! Thank you, Minwax Gel Stain for truly helping change my life.