Hey there! I'm Mary Catherine Clark.
I'm the face behind New Creation Restoration.

My other titles include:

Child of God. Wife to Justin. Dog mom to Campbell our Golden Retriever. Lover of coffee, morning walks, and anything lemon flavored.

I’m a Believer, Creator, Designer, Painter, and Entrepreneur.

It all started during my senior year of college when I wanted nice furniture for my apartment, but I didn’t want to spend lots of money. I took a thrifted side table, my childhood bed, a really smelly dresser, and a bucket of paint from Lowe’s that I found on sale, and never looked back.

Fast forward to our first year of marriage: My husband was in school full time to be a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and I was working from home because it was 2020 and there was nothing to do. As newlyweds, we were living in a rented house with mostly furniture handed down from family and friends. I knew I wanted to update our furniture, but we were on a strict budget since we were living off one income. One thing led to another – I bought more paint and brushes, and soon transformed all our furniture pieces into beautiful creations! It’s amazing what some paint and new hardware can do.

New Creation Restoration started as a hobby, and then turned into a side business for about 2 years. In July 2022, I finally took a leap of faith and took my business full time! It has been a crazy and wild journey with lots of tears and laughter, but I know this is my purpose and passion.

I’m so excited you’re here to join me!

Who Am I, Really? // Fun Facts

The mountains of North Carolina will always be home.

I’m an only child and a miracle child – my parents thought they couldn’t have children.​

I’m a Southern girl born and raised.​

Yes, you read it correctly above, I have a double name. Not Mary, not Catherine – it’s Mary Catherine.​

I have crazy, naturally curly blonde hair – thank God for hairspray. ​

I LIVE for a late night snack.

I met my husband in college at Campbell University. He wasn’t interested in me at first, but here we are ;).

My favorite date night foods are fajitas or sushi.

I consider fruit gummies to be real fruit.

If I were a Friends character, I would be Monica.

I’m a sucker for antiques and charm.

My husband and I reside in an old house built in 1946 in downtown Dunn, NC.

Check out my current projects on Instagram!